Custom Waifumon: 3 Options

 Three options on how to create a custom Waifumon minted as a part of the main Waifumon NFT collection!


1. V-Day Special. Normal Price is $250 for Custom Waifumon but if you can prove this will be a Vday gift for someone we will throw in a FREE Waifumon Gen-2 as well. Also if you cant afford the full price can let us know how much you can afford and we will work something out best we can as long as it is for Vday Gift. This will get you 6,900 of your custom waifumon to give out or sell and 690 shiny waifumon to sell or give out in total. You can send paypal to 

2. If can’t afford anything we also can do for FREE  if you can draw or have someone that can draw for you feel free to do on this and send to back with the waifumon song attached. Can change the face however you want and can even change skin however you want. (just not blue or purple) Also can add your twitter @handel bottom left and logo on top left or right. Send as a .mp4 or .m4v and square demensions of vid1080p X 1080p or 720p x 720p via to or can upload to the google drive under “Finished Waifumon” to  also send us your wallet # we will mint 6,900 normal and send to you to give out or sell or whatever you want. You can also make shiney ones of the same thing and we can mint 690 of those and send to you as well to sell or give out however you want. Thanks for choosing us and becoming apart of history of the 2nd biggest NFT collection in the world !

Download Files and Waifumon Song by clicking Here

3. We are also going to do some weekly custom waifumon give aways weekly starting soon every “Waifu-Wensday” mabye pick one winner ever Wednesday so stay tuned for that as well.

4. As an optional bonus option you can also pay $1,500 for full IP rights. This is not necessary but an option of some of you wild folks wanna do like JTV and Shibby did lol. Can ask me more about this if confusion on this. You will be able to use however you want as well even sell physical and digital merch with your custom Waifumon if you choose to buy this option. 

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