Free Waifumon are given out daily on twitter and all other social media platforms. <br><br><b>To qualify to get some of the 10,000 Waifumon Gen-2 there are sevreal options before they run out: </b>


Option 1: Every 3 Waifumon you bought from Gen-1 will equal 1 FREE Gen-2 each. <br> <br><br>
Option 2: Every 3 Castle Crew you bought will equal 1 FREE Gen-2 each. <br> <br><br>
Option 3: Every Metakuza you bought will equal 2 FREE Gen-2 each. <br><br>
Option 4: If you paid to have a custom Waifumon made you will also receive 2 FREE Gen-2 Waifumon <br><br>
Option 5: As long as you have over 100 FREE promo Waifumon you will be able to enter in the daily raffle where we will be giving away 1 FREE Gen-2 everyday for 300 days. The more FREE Waifumon you have the higher your odds will be to win! Stay tuned! <br>