Free Waifumon Event!

Sorry for delay. Finally found a way to be able to gift you not one, but FOUR Waifumon NFT poaps to you! Without paying this crazy $130 to $150 gas fee lol.

So check it out, you invited to my online Decenterland Casino Bday party / Waifumon NFT Launch Party Today to get them! Will be crypto give away every 5 min and 4 free Waifumon NFT Poaps for all that attend. Regardless, if can’t make it all good at the end of the video I did can show you how to get at least 1 Free Waifumon NFT Poap anytime since it is obtainable right now for 24 hours a day until the end of the month. If no longer interested all is good thank you for initial interest. Nothin bit love to you, thanks again!

Event Info:

New to Deceterland and Metamask? This is how to attend if never been to decenterland:

Discord if need help:


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