Why 150,000+ Unique NFTs, And Not A 4,000 To 20,000 NFT Collection? Why Poloygon/Matic Instead Of ETH? Why Offer Utility? Why Not Scarcity, And Game Theory Method? Like Everyone Else? The Reasons Are Simple We Are Not Trying To Just Be Another NFT Collection. We Want Do What We Think The NFT Phenomenon Was Meant To Do. Build A Community And A Revolution.


With Lower More Affordable Rates Of $1 To $20 Each As Well As Little To No Gas Fees Poloygon/Matic Provides That High Price Smaller ETH Collections Can’t Are 1. Lowering The Bar Of Entry For All Financial Backgrounds To Have The Ability To Afford In Some Cases Even There First NFT! 2. It Will Also Incentive Some People Buying Instead Of Just One Will Give Them The Freedom To Be Able Buy Dozens More Which Will Also Incentivize Not Only Resells, But Also Trading And Gifting To Friends So Everyone Can Join In The Fun!