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Solana: Example $100 = 400,000 Waifumon Token  Pre-Sale $0.00025 per Waifumon Solana Token! Max 690,000,000 pre-sale coins!
Polygon: Example $100 = 7,142,857 Waifumon Token Pre-Sale $0.0000144 per Waifumon Polygon Token! Max 2,420,000,000 pre-sale coins!
Ignore this tweet Solana and Polygon Mixed up. Thanks to all pre-ordered so far! DM @AaronLeupp at twitter to make sure you get your order as well your twitter handle if you would like us to tweet about your purchase or keep you anonymous. Thanks again! 

Waifumon Token just like what its based on the OG, The Chuck-e-Cheese Token. It just for fun. A fun launch an gift to all Waifumon Gen-2 and Gen-1 buyers and collectors over the years. This token going to ZERO if not already. It hot potato. Put the token in and prepare for the biggest down slide of your life you crazy animal. 

Waifumon Gen-2 Pre-Orders Now Live!

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2,052 Out Of 10,000 Sold So Far!

Can also buy with PayPal, Venmo or any crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon/Matic, MANA and ApeCoin (on both Ethereum Mainnet and Matic Mainnet) send to either wallet address below and email proof of transaction and wallet # so we can send! Thanks!



Thank you for your purchase! Will let you know when you can redeem them when they go live. Make sure to follow up with us on discord or email if any questions or concern to make sure to be notified. Thanks again!

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Waifumon Gen-2

Waifumon Gen-2 Pre-Orders Now Live!

We are massivly blessed with Waifumon resulting into million of owners making it one of the most owned nFT collectoins in the world. to celebrate it was put to a vote for us to also now launch a 10,000 ETH collection as well called Wafiumon gen-2. we are using some of the best outfits all hand drawn over 464 total and used Ai to upscale the 12 birthstone outfits, 12 flower outfits and 12 zodaic outfits to make them extra specail.
3D molds have been made to match all 10,000 unique Waifumon fairies to follow you around in all metavers’s and games you play including Decentraland, Otherside, Sandbox and hopefully more as well in the future. remainder Each Waifu is wholly unique and yours  forever… unless you sell or trade or gift them to someone! Disclaimer: Do not buy our Waifumon JPGs, your parents will be ashamed of you.

Most people will tell you Waifumon was there first NFT and majority of them got one gifted to them and gifting has become massive part of the community wish is why we wanted to amplify that in the diverse amount of references that can take the thought that counts to a whole new level by personalizing each one. You can see just based on the 12 Birth GemStone Outfits alone massive amount of refrences in each one can see more on that here:


3D Molds to be linked into Decentraland, Otherside, Sandbox, Meta and more.

This is not a "road map" the hundreds of 3D assets to make the 10,000 3D molds have ALREADY BEEN MADE to match all the Waifumon Gen-2 NFTs that will be playable in all games and metaveres's and will be linked to you so you can have them follow you around in game. We are working with Decentraland to be the first Metaverse to link them and we forecast they will be playable in game as early as next month! We too are tired of broken promises why we waited to a launch AFTER we finished our goals to focus on delivery and accountability rather then plans and promises.

Waifumon Ai 2D Anime and 3D

Yes you all voted for us to launch a 10,000 ETH collection and we will also also make a Anime as you all requested as well if we sell out. The script has already been written and it will be called "The Last Ai Waifumon." As can see we been doing massive amount of Ai tests and research and learning how we can use our 3D animation and 2D hand animated skills to be upscaled through Ai making the workflow and process easier and faster so now we are excited that this can help us accomplish these tasks at a fraction of a budget.


Can you name all these singers?

♬ original sound - AaronLeuppAi

Waifumon Gen-1 (Epic History)

Over 750 Days of Waifumon Gen-1 give aways on all social media and tons of parties in the Metaverse forever thankful for the massive community we have built and all the friends we made along the way. We happy to hear that most people let us know that Waifumon usually there first NFT and want to continue that tradition why we made all 10,000 of Gen-2 very gift friendly and uniquely special.

"Kit" Huli Miho 九尾狐 - 구미호 - キツネ - Founder/Vtuber
Keti Kachukhashvili - Artist
Oleksandra Dziublik - Artist
Arifa Sultana Akhy - Artist
Tanusree Sarkar - Artist
Federica De Falco - Artist
Joefred Pacumio - Artist
Mark Dela Cruz - Artist
WaifuLabs (they, them) - Dev/Generating/Community
Artemis Moon - Artist
Speed Wagon - Web Dev
Hot take: We are majority female and 100% POC creators team. The reason we don’t advertise or lead with that because we want people to buy our NFTs for our craft, utility, and community not our genitals or skin colors.